Here are the highlights of the GO 10 project.


  • Collector-distributor (CD) lanes will be added between North Mesa Street and Sunland Park Drive.
  • Intersection improvements at North Mesa Street, Resler Drive and Sunland Park Drive will mean:
    • New or improved turn lanes at those I-10 intersections
    • Ramps from North Mesa Street, Resler Drive and Sunland Park Drive will connect to the new CD lanes, rather than to the I-10 mainlanes
  • New and improved direct connection from I-10 to Paisano Drive (US 85) will help establish Paisano Drive (US 85) as a fast and efficient alternate eastbound/westbound route.
  • New eastbound and westbound lanes will be added to the I-10 mainlanes intermittently throughout the corridor.



  • GO 10 spans nearly six miles of I-10.
  • GO 10 will take approximately four years to complete.
  • GO 10 will result in improved shoulders, going from asphalt to concrete.
  • GO 10 coordination with the adjacent Border West Expressway project is essential for the construction of the new direct connection between I-10 and Paisano Drive (US 85).

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  • 350,000 square yards of concrete pavement (approximately 72 acres)
  • 87,000 tons of asphalt pavement
  • 216,000 square feet of three different types of retaining walls (That equates to 98 houses – each house sized at 2,200 sq. ft.)
  • One million cubic yards of dirtwork (Enough dirt to fill about 306 Olympic-size swimming pools.)
  • 29 bridges:
    • 2 direct connectors with steel beams over I-10 (Sunland Park Drive bridge & Resler Drive bridge)
    • 14 bridges extend over drainage ways (known as arroyos)
    • 4 new U-turns under the overpasses at North Mesa Street and Sunland Park Drive
    • 610,000 square feet of bridge deck (That length equates to approximately 10 and a half football fields)