Wednesday, April 06, 2016
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Construction on the GO 10oproject has reached a milestone in recent weeks as work activities have shifted from earthwork to structural work. Earthwork includes activities such as leveling sloped or uneven land, drilling holes into the ground, and hauling dirt. Structural work involves building structures, such as forming new bridge columns and placing bridge beams.


Enjoy the following pictorial, which shows the most recent progress on structures.


Bridge widening near Executive Center

The GO 10oproject includes widening and rebuilding 29 existing bridges, most of which are highway bridges that extend over naturally occurring drainage ways (aka arroyos). These types of bridges are rarely noticed by drivers.
Bridge widening near Executive Center

Before: Workers are preparing an arroyo bridge for widening to accommodate two new lanes.

Bridge widening near Executive Center

After: Crews use the crane to place concrete deck panels atop recently installed bridge beams at the same arroyo bridge.


All bridges are generally widened in stages – crews first move dirt to level the land, then they break up existing pavement, then structural work starts with formwork to create new columns and bridge abutments.


Formwork near the ramps at Sunland Park and Paisano Drive (US 85)

Formwork is the process by which liquid concrete is poured, compacted, and allowed to harden. In the picture below, the formwork involves steel casing, which is removed after the poured concrete inside dries and presto! A new bridge column is born.
Bridge widening near Executive Center

Before: Formwork is used to construct new bridge columns.

Formwork near the ramps at Sunland Park and Paisano Drive (US 85)

After: Finished columns at the ramps near Sunland Park Drive and Paisano Dr. (US 85).


Beam placement near North Mesa Street

Some of I‐10’s arroyo bridges are located at North Mesa Street, including beneath South Desert Boulevard. Bridge beams have recently been put in place at the busy intersection. When work is finished in this area, lanes will be widened, U‐turns will be constructed, and drainage will be improved.
Beam placement near North Mesa Street
Beam placement near North Mesa Street

New bridge beams are now in place along I-10 near the North Mesa Street intersection. Both South Desert Boulevard and I-10 are being widened.


Eventually, GO 10 bridge work will turn to more high profile bridges, including the overpass and bridge at Sunland Park Drive.

Eastbound view at Sunland Park

This section of the corridor will be one of the most complex sections to tackle because:

  1. I-10 is spanned by two bridges at Sunland Park Drive – the eastbound overpass and the Sunland Park Drive through lanes. Both bridges will receive improvements.
  2. The eastbound overpass will be reconfigured so that vehicles are distributed onto the new CD lanes, rather than the mainlanes. That means the existing overpass will have to be demolished and rebuilt.
  3. The Sunland Park Drive through lanes will receive new turnaround lanes.
  4. Approximately a one-half mile farther east (in the background of the image), new overpass ramps will connect I-10 directly with Paisano Drive (US 85).

For El Paso, it will be the most transformed section of I-10.


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